Woodford Reserve Moonbow

A moonbow is a naturally occurring phenomenon that happens when the moonlight hits the mist of a waterfall just right, creating a rainbow effect. Under a full moon and a clear sky, you can see one yourself at Cumberland Falls in Corbin, KY. In fact, it’s the only moonbow in the western hemisphere. We felt such a rarity deserved to be honored in a glass. It’s as delicious as the real moonbow is beautiful.




2 ounces of Woodford Reserve
1 tablespoon simple syrup
1 tablespoon fresh orange juice
1 tablespoon fresh lime juice
2 oz ginger-ale
1 ounce cranberry juice
Combine and pour over ice.  Float 1 oz cranberry juice on top.




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Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Whiskey, 43.2%-45.2% Alc. by Vol., The Woodford Reserve Distillery, Versailles, KY.

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