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The Flavor Note Collection

Delight in the spectacle of great taste, where style meets substance

Experience the spectacle of flavor notes and fashion through Woodford Reserve: The Flavor Note Collection.

This unique fashion collection mixes different textiles, patterns, and silhouettes to create stylish pieces inspired by over 200 Woodford Reserve flavor notes.

Featured Recipes

With over 200 flavor notes to taste, the cocktail options are endless. Dazzle in the delightful flavor of this season's selected flavor notes and experience the spectacle of Woodford Reserve.

Anifa Mvuemba

Meet Anifa Mvuemba the designer behind Hanifa. Her designs are often described as confident, empowering, the epitome of style and luxury. Inspired by the Woodford Reserve flavor notes, Anifa’s collection is a delicate balance ensemble of some of Woodford Reserve’s 200 signature flavor notes.

  • Rose

  • Chocolate

  • Caramel

  • Mandarin

Sergio Hudson

Meet Sergio Hudson a designer whose creations are synonymous with elegance, poise, sophistication and confidence. Sergio mixes his personal inspirations with that of the Woodford Reserve flavor notes to deliver a standout collection.

  • Citrus

  • Blueberry

  • Coconut

Ready to taste, get ready to wear

Created in partnership with designers Anifa (Hanifa) Mvuemba and Sergio Hudson, The Flavor Note Collection welcomes you to the world of Woodford Reserve, A Spectacle for the Senses. Merging the worlds of elevated fashion and taste to create substance and style on a whole new level.

Delight in silky textures, rich flavors, and vivid aromatics. The spectacle of great taste meets the spectacle of great taste.

Taste the spectacle


At this time we are only shipping spirits to Kentucky, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota and Washington D.C.