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The Pastelito by Manuel Zuluaga

Featured cocktail by 2023 Woodford Reserve Manhattan Experience Winner, Manuel Zuluaga.

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1 1/4 parts

Woodford Reserve Wheat Whiskey (Fat washed with Macadamia Oil)

3/4 parts

Fig Vermouth

1/2 parts

Guava Puree

1/4 parts

Yuzu Juice

1/2 parts

Orange Juice Topped-off with Mozzarella Foam


Powdered Jamón Serrano

(1) 750ml bottle

Woodford Reserve Wheat Whiskey


Macadamia Oil


Szechuan Peppercorns


Fresh Figs, halved (1 box = 234g)


Picked Sage (~15-20 stalks sage)



(One) 750mL bottle

Antica Formula Sweet Vermouth


Lemon Peels


Mozzarella Cheese (unsalted)


Whole Milk

2 drops

White Food Coloring


1:1 Simple Syrup


White Vinegar


Saline Solution


Xanthan Gum


Jamon Serrano Peppers


Step 1

Jamon Serrano Powder - Microwave 2-3 thin slices of Jamon Serrano until crispy (about 3 minutes) Using a mortar and pestle, grind it into a powder and store it for use.

Step 2

Mozzarella Foam - Blend all ingredients thoroughly, then strain through a chinois. Place foam mix into an iSi siphon and charge twice with NO2 cartridge. Refrigerate 1 hour prior to using.

Step 3

Fig Vermouth - Remove the sage leaves from the stalks and mix all the ingredients in a vacuum seal bag. Sous vide sealed bag for 30 minutes at 55 degrees. Allow infusing in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Afterward, filter the mixture through a chinois and keep it refrigerated for storage.

Step 4

Macadamian Fat Washed Woodford Wheat - Combine all ingredients in a Thermomix and mix for 20 min at 60 degrees Celsius. Rest overnight in the freezer. Strain through a coffee filter to remove all solids. **If there is no Thermomix available, blend, vac pac, and sous vide for 20 minutes at 60C. Shake vigorously a few times throughout the cooking process.

Step 5

The Pastillo - To prepare the cocktail, gather all the ingredients except for the Mozzarella foam in a Boston shaker. Give it a good shake without ice to ensure everything is mixed well. Once done, add ice to the shaker and use a "throwing" Hawthorne strainer to throw the cocktail back and forth between the shaker and a big tin. To achieve a silky and smooth texture while controlling dilution and temperature, it's best to throw the cocktail. Once prepared, pour it into a Nude Rock's glass and add the Mozzarella foam on top. For a finishing touch, sprinkle some Jamon Serrano Powder along the edge as a garnish.


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