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Double Oaked Chocolate Tasting Experience


1 Bottle

1-2 Bars (of each)

Milk Chocolate with Almonds, Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt and White Chocolate


Step 1

Chew the chocolate sample and breathe through your nose to take in the full breath of the flavors.

Step 2

Take a sip of Double Oaked.

Step 3

Cleanse your palate with a sip of cool or room temperature water.

Step 4

Observe a conversational pause before moving on to the next sample.

White Chocolate & Double Oaked

Begin the tasting with a piece of white chocolate.

White chocolate is very fatty & creamy, which coats the pallet nicely, softens the alcohol, and highlights the stone fruit notes and aromatic notes in Woodford Reserve Double Oaked such as peaches, apricot, cream and rich vanilla.

  • Fruit & Sweet Aromatics

  • Vanilla, sweet banana pudding, cooked peaches &  a long creamy finish.

Milk Chocolate with Almonds & Double Oaked

Next up is the milk chocolate with almonds pairing. Any milk chocolate with nuts could act as a substitute.

The tannic acid in the nut highlights the spice and wood contributions of the toasted oak barrels that are used to mature Woodford Reserve Double Oaked.

  • Spice & Wood

  • Cinnamon, cedar wood, mint & a roasted hazelnut finish.

Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt & Double Oaked

Last is the dark chocolate with sea salt pairing. Plain dark may be substituted if needed.

The dark chocolate highlights the spice and sweet aromatics flavors in Woodford Reserve Double Oaked.. The rich dark chocolate brings out notes of baking spice and roasted coffee, and the salt contributes to more earthy flavors such as tobacco and leather.

  • Spice & Sweet Aromatics

  • Leather, tobacco, roasted coffee & a melted peanut butter finish.

  • Baking spice, marzipan & a whipped creamy finish.


At this time we are only shipping spirits to Kentucky, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota and Washington D.C.