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Woodford Reserve Cocktail Offerings

Woodford Reserve Classic Old Fashioned

Distiller’s Select Bourbon, demerara simple syrup, Woodford Reserve Orange and Woodford Reserve Aromatic bitters garnished with an orange twist. $15


Woodford Reserve Rye Old Fashioned

Distiller’s Select Rye Whiskey, local honey & ginger syrup, Woodford Reserve Spiced Cherry bitters garnished with an orange and lemon twist. $15


Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Old Fashioned

Double Oaked Bourbon, grade A dark organic maple syrup, Woodford Reserve Chocolate bitters garnished with a ruby red grapefruit twist. $18


Woodford Reserve Spire

Distiller’s Select Bourbon, lemonade, cranberry juice garnished with a lemon twist. $15


Woodford Reserve Kentucky Mule

Distiller’s Select Bourbon, Woodford Reserve Orange bitters, Ale-8-One ginger soda garnished with a squeezed lime and orange twist. $15


Woodford Reserve Horse’s Neck

Distiller’s Select Rye Whiskey, Woodford Reserve Sassafras & Sorghum bitters, Ale-8-one ginger soda garnished with a lemon twist. $15


One cocktail per person. Please be advised that all cocktails must be consumed before going on tour.